Rug Cleaning

Refresh your rugs with a deep clean

You’ve purchased the perfect rug to enhance your home’s interior style. But what happens when it starts to show signs of dirt and grime?

Professional rug cleaning can bring your rug back to life, restoring its natural beauty and making it look like new again.

Vacuuming only sucks up superficial dirt but a professional clean can extract the impurities embedded deep in the rug’s fibres, including trapped pollutants like bacteria and allergens.

Carpet Care & Co will preserve the quality of your rug, delivering a superior clean without damaging the colour or natural fibres.

Free your rug of odours and allow it to breathe again

Rugs in commercial settings including offices, hospitality and educational spaces withstand heavy traffic and soiling. But a deep clean by our technicians at Carpet Care & Co. will restore them, leaving them soft and clean again.

Our gentle and effective process removes bacteria and viruses which is especially important in commercial environments like childcare centres where hygiene and cleanliness is essential.

A professional deep clean can also help improve the durability of your rugs and extend their lifespan.

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